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Self-driving vehicles will revolutionize transportation for people.  In twenty years most people will not own cars; rather we will summon whatever kind of vehicle we want for each journey.  Rent a minibus for a birthday party or a shared taxi to go to work. Hire a private car for a business trip.  Venti’s vehicles are cost-effective, beautiful, comfortable, safe, and reliable.  We are working with partners to build community-wide Safe Speed robo-taxi services. 



Specialty, safe speed industrial vehicles ready for deployment

Working with the best of the best-of-the-best and most successful companies in China, Venti has designed and powered six vehicle classes with more to come. Our Safe Speed autonomy has benchmarked top in China and is poised to lead China’s huge urbanization-driven markets.

Our partners include the nation’s number one insurance company, a top 10 real estate builder, multiple leading vehicle manufacturers, and SIP, China’s best industrial park, are pathways for explosive growth and driverless vehicle leadership in moving people and goods.